Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Ella is doing well in recovery today and tonight. She is absolutely the most precious little girl in the world. She has a flat little tummy now and it is so amazing to see her. She is just under 4 pounds now--so tiny and beautiful. She is still on the ventilator, but doing great with her oxygen and the nurses said she is doing well. Little Ella is so strong, and pink, and sweet. She looks a lot like her sister Eva!

Amy is doing well too. She is still having some high blood pressure so she is taking meds for that and trying to rest. Looks like she will be released on Friday to go home. Every day she is getting stronger and feeling a little better physically, so please pray that her blood pressure will return to normal and that they will feel at peace about going home without the fear of blood pressure issues after they leave the hospital.

Please continue to pray for these things specifically:
-Ella's healing and recovery
-Amy's blood pressure to calm down and recovery
-That Thursday and Friday will be good days in the hospital with Ella and that the good reports keep coming!
-Amy and Rick's weekend as they begin this next phase of the journey when they return home and Ella stays at the hospital--neither one of them is looking forward to that obviously and prayers are needed for their strength and peace emotionally in the coming days especially. The doctor said Ella will probably be there about a month.

**Thank you to all of you who have prayed, called, come by, texted, posted comments, written notes of encouragement, brought flowers and food and gifts, mowed the lawn, cared for Eva, and a thousand other things during the last few days. Amy and Rick are so overwhelmed by the love and support of all of you and it has touched them deeply. Thank you for being Christ in so many ways. Amy and Rick feel so blessed and thankful for each and every one of you.**


Chesley said...

I am so glad today was a good day and everyone is doing well. We are praying tons and thanks Ann for the updates.

Katie said...

Lots of love for you guys--you're in my prayers!

Giggi said...

We're so thankful that the surgery was successful! Your sweet family is on my heart & in my prayers! Love you all, Kathy Pinson

Julie said...

I remember well the day we had to leave the hospital without our son, Garrett. He didn't have any of sweet little Ella's complications - he was just born too early. It was hard, but I knew he was in good hands and he would be home soon.
But I also remember the day we had to leave the hospital without our daughter Madeline - who had been stillborn.

There is no comparision.

God has done marvelous things to display his glory - as your daughter's life will no doubt display his glory!
Rest in the knowledge that the Lord has worked miracles for this little girl and she is in good hands - his! We are so thrilled for your happy ending and pray that the Lord will speed it along beyond all expectations. May he pour out his strength and comfort while you wait...
Julie (Rose) HInshaw