Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday night update

Eva, the big sister, keeps us all on our toes!

I just talked to Amy and she had a good day. Her blood pressure was still high, but she said it was more consistent today than yesterday and it is slowly getting a little lower. She said it didn't spike as high as it has been doing the last few days. Her doctor gave her different medicine and it is seeming to help. However, her doctor did decide to keep Amy in the hospital until at least Sunday to make sure that she is doing better. That is a huge relief to both Amy and Rick, so they both sounded happy with that decision.

Ella's surgeon, Dr. Black, came by and changed the dressing on the incision and again was very pleased with how it is healing. Her NICU doctor, Dr. Simmons, also seems pleased with Ella's progress. The goal is to have her off of the ventilator by Monday and for her to start her feedings around then too. She pooped today and that is a good sign that things are working! Her swelling is going down too. Amy said she weighed in at 5 lbs. 8 oz. yesterday, some of that is the swelling, but they are pleased with how she's doing. So all in all, today was a good day for both Amy and Ella. Praise the Lord!

Thank you for your prayers today, I know they were felt. Amy loves reading the comments. Pray that the next couple of days will be filled with more good reports and healing all around. Eva is doing well and having fun with her various grandparents and other family. Now when they pull up to the hospital she just starts saying "Mommy! Daddy!". She is so great and just can't wait to get to know her little sis. They are going to get into all kinds of trouble together I just know it. :)

Enjoy the pictures. I wish you could tell how spunky she is (like her momma and her sis!).


DCVol said...

Those two girls are incredibly beautiful and Ella's little face melts my heart over and over again....those eyes are breath-taking! What two special sisters they are and will be as they grow up getting into trouble together~ we love you guys. Kelly & Travis

Amy Hawk said...

I have been praying for Gods sweet healing just to cover you, Amy and for Ella. I have also been praying for strength for Rick and precious little Eva. I was so blessed to take care of you all in Labor and Delivery and I want you to know my husband and I are praying for your family and we know that God has such beautiful plans for you all!!
Amy RN

Jennifer said...

Amy, I read that you actually read these comments and I figured it was the best way to tell you our family is praying for you (my parents, too) and I know the Lord's mighty hand is on you and your family.

We both know what miracles are made of, don't we, friend? And here's another one that God is using to say, "Yes, Miss Amy, I love you this much. More than enough to give you as many miracles as you need. For Eva, for Ella, for you, and for any other needs that may arise." Our God has no limits, praise Him! :)

I pray blessings on your family and your support system. Our GNO wasn't the same without you - we talked about you and your sweet family and how amazing you all are. We love you and can't wait to see you again!

Jennifer said...

P.S. You're going to need a bigger piece of cardboard next time! :)

Chesley said...

Two VERY special girls!

Ella looks like she knows what's going on. She has that look in her eyes (reminds me of Eva)that she is very bright. :) I find myself talking baby talk to the screen when I look at that picture of Ella. She is just so darn cute!

...again I just want to squeeze on her! :)

Olivia said...

Ella's Mom and Dad,
There are so many things people will say to you. Lots of encouragement, scripture, cards, and prayers. People will share their stories- some that will have relevance and others that might not make any sense to as why they would think it compares. The fact is your situaion is unique. Your love for your baby is one-of-a-kind. It is deep, real, and unwavering. Ella's breathes would be counted if it were up to you. Every inch of her sweet body would be memorized and probably already is. You are in love with her. You would do anything to take her pain, fight her fight, and perhaps even give your life so she would live. It is your privelage and honor that these things are true and no words (even these) or cards or even a bible verse could capture a mere speck of the reality of what you are feeling inside. I've been praying for your daughter for the last hour. I do not know what will happen. I begged the Lord to let her live and grow to know how amazing He is. What I do know is that your ability to love has had no greater weight than that of your sweet Ella Hope. And love never disappoints us.

Lori said...

Amy and Rick,
We love you guys and your precious girls!! You are in our thoughts and prayers many times a day. Please let us know if we can do anything for you to make this time easier.

Kristen said...

So glad to hear you are having a good day! Both girls just look so sweet! We are thinking of and praying for you constantly!

Ashley said...

What beautiful girls! Man, we are praying for sweet Ella and her family. Thanks for all of the updates.

Nancy Giurlanda said...

ohh how beautiful Eva and Ella are !! just like their mom. Seeing both those little faces just melts my heart. I am so glad today brought good news for Amy and Ella, I can sleep a little better tonight! I love you all very much.

Jason and Kyla said...

My word those girls are beautiful! Rick and Amy - we have been praying in anticipation and rejoicing mightily with you as all this good news comes in. Please know that we are thinking of you and praying for fast recovery for all. We miss you guys! Love, Jason and Kyla Cox

Anonymous said...

Amy and Rick,
I just want you to know that you guys have been in my prayers and will continue to be. Your sweet Ella is as beautiful as her sister.
Christy Leyshon (RHCC Childcare)