Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Eva, Eva, Eva

How is it possible that I didn't have one post in the month of February? Not one mind you, not one! Man, I'm falling off the wagon here. I've really had high hopes for updating my blog more often but obviously that's just not happening. I'm going to do better, I will. March is gonna be it, I can feel it, my lucky month for more updating. Don't hold your breath but I'm just saying. February was a fun but busy month...Rick's parents and cousin Emery came to visit for a week and we got an amazing 1.5 feet of snow just to name a couple of things. Here are some pictures of that because now that it's March if I don't document it now it's never going to happen. Back to the fact that it's March this crazy to anyone else? Unbelievable.

Eva and Ella LOOOOOVE their cousin Emery or "Emma" as Eva calls her. Poor Emery was called Emma the whole week she was here, hope she doesn't have an identity crisis later. :) We had so much fun with her, she is the sweetest thing!

Looking at the snow with Dee

Fun with CC

Aaaannnd, here is the post I've been promising about Eva. Oh man, I just love this girl, she cracks me up everyday. She is always doing something or into something and it just makes me laugh. Here are some of my favorite Eva stories from the past few weeks...or actually maybe months now since I'm a blog slacker.

1. I'm going to title this one "BooDonald's." Okay, so several months ago on our Thanksgiving road trip to Kansas City Eva and McDonald's pancakes had a bit of a run in. We stopped on our way back home to eat breakfast and Eva had pancakes, everyone was feeling good (as good as you can be after McDonald's breakfast), we got back in the car and went on our merry way. Well, fast forward an hour into the trip and the pancakes all came back up. I'll spare you the details on this one but yes in the car, I was wedged in between the two carseats in the back at the time so I had a front row seat to the show. Fantastic I tell you, Eva really did a number with this one, poor thing. I wasn't prepared because usually it's Ella throwing up everywhere not Eva so this wasn't on my vomit radar AT ALL. This might have been the lowpoint in the trip. Anyway, EVER since then everytime we would pass a McDonald's Eva would say, "I no like Donald's." Since there are McDonald's every 2.3 miles we hear this ALOT. Well, so Rick thought he would jazz things up a bit so he taught Eva to give a loud "Booooo McDonald's!" every time she sees one. Thanks Rick. She doesn't really get as into it as Rick. Hers is a little more meek and not quite with as much energy. It just kind of comes out as one word, "BooDonald's." Love it.

I, however, am a fan, the only fan of McDonald's in our family for two reasons: 1) The dollar menu and 2) double drive-thru lanes. I will say that I do get a little embarrassed ordering a McDouble everytime I go. Hamburgers with funny names are just a little much for me. I mean who are the ad wizards behind naming things at Wendy's? The Stack Attack, The Baconater...really? Do people really order these things? I just can't do it, I can't, but I will muster the strength and order a McDouble. I just don't think about the fact that I'm eating a hamburger that ONLY costs a dollar. I know, gross, don't think about it. And double drive-thru lanes, what more can you say? GENIUS I tell you, genius.

2. Eva has learned the phrase "Drop a deuce" from somewhere or someone. I have NO IDEA where she would've learned this. :) I'm going to throw Rick under the bus on this one. There are still many words that Eva says that don't always come out very clear but wouldn't you know this phrase comes out clear as a bell. They always do don't they? I mean what can you really do at this point, tell her to stop saying it? No, not an option, this one is too good. All you can do at this point is just be proud. Am I right? Am.I.right??

3. Okay, I'm just going to run with the bathroom theme here and continue on. This little number I will call, "Rick, Eva, and the Runaway Terd." So a while back one day Eva had a little accident, thought to only be numero uno at the time, so Rick being the helpful husband that he is said he would help her change clothes etc. We were at my parents house so he went into another room and was trying to help her change clothes. She was kind of acting funny about changing her pants and wouldn't do it and I think Rick was getting a tad frustrated with her so instead of waiting for her to take them off he just did it for her. Well, I little surprise rolled out when he did that...and kept rolling and rolling and disappeared. After searching the room poor Rick finally found the lonely and missing terd under the bed. So great. What is most funny to me about this story I think was Rick's reaction at the time and the fact that he was back there combing the bedroom over for a missing piece of poop. I almost fell out of my chair laughing at him telling me what happened and then saying, "It rolled away somewhere and I couldn't find it." Hilarious, just kills me. Love you babe, you're the best!

4. Am I really writing this much about poop on the World Wide Web? I feel like I should apologize to my mom for being "crude" as she would say. She knows I love good bathroom humor but still, sorry mom!

5. I love that Eva calls Ella by her first AND last name most every time. She pronounces it "Aiya Cawder." Like today she asked me, "Aiya Cawder go to doctor?" So funny.

6. Eva loves to play with baby dolls and take care of them. She loves to change their diapers, pretend to take them to the doctor and church, you know because these are again, really the main two places we frequent. Anyway, the other day she was pushing her baby doll around in her grocery cart and here was our conversation.
Me: Where are you going?
Eva: Doctor, baby is sick.
Me: Oh, I'm sorry, what's wrong with the baby?
Eva: Her nose hurts.
Me: What happened to her nose?
Eva: Baby's got "boogies."
Wow, last time I checked I don't know that anyone in our family or anyone ever has gone to the doctor specificly because of boogers but stranger things have happened so you never know. Cracks me up.

Poop and boogers aside, there is much more to precious Eva than this. She is so sweet and fun to be around. She is very observant and compassionate. She loves her sister Ella and is very understanding about all of her doctor appointments and she loves to participate and help Ella during her therapy sessions. So sweet! She is the best big sister and takes such good care of Ella.

Check out this multi-tasking...pushing Ella in her baby doll stroller AND pushing Ella's IV pole. Impressive and helpful I might add. Told you she was the best big sis!

She loves her friends and family and prays for them by name every night. I love listening to her little prayers. She loves to help with things around the house and pick out her own clothes. She loves Sonic or "Sockin" as she calls it. She is as slow as molasses but so am I so it's okay most of the time. She loves lip gloss and heels and I often find her in my bathroom wearing my shoes, putting on my deodorant and with lipstick smeared all over her face. Awesome...except for this week because she has a light rash on her face and neck and I think it's because she got into some funky moisturizer or something while I wasn't watching.

Rick just shakes his head and makes some kind of comment about how she is a mini me and that we've created a monster here but deep down I know he loves it! She is just a joy, we obviously have our moments like everyone does but she really is a true joy and a blessing. I thank God everyday for the miracle that she is and that He healed her and gave her to me. I love being her mom and I feel so blessed to have her.