Saturday, September 27, 2008

Update on Ella

Ella has had a good week this week. Not a whole lot has changed since my last post. We are still working on her feedings. She has been on and off the feeding tube this week. They tried her on all bottles again yesterday and she took them well but was taking the minimum amount and sometimes less than they wanted her to have so as of last night she was put back on the feeding tube. She really needs to be taking more but she just tires out in the middle of her feedings so it has been really hard to get her to take a full feeding from her bottle. She also is still spitting up some so they have put her on a reflux medication to hopefully help keep everything down. She still weighs just a little over 5 pounds which is good but she just needs to start gaining weight consistently and taking more at each feeding. It's going to take time so we will just keep working on it. Please keep praying that Ella will be able to take more and get back to all bottle feedings.

They checked her wound vac on Thursday and said that it looks good. Her surgeon came by and said that he thinks her wound has come together enough where he can go in and surgically close it. We don't have a definite plan yet but it looks like sometime next week she will have surgery to close her wound instead of waiting on the wound vac to do it. They will check it again on Monday so hopefully by then we will have more details about when the surgery will be and what the plan of action is.

We'll keep everyone updated as we find out more. Thank you for your continued prayers for our family. The main prayer request right now would be for her to be able to increase the amount she takes at her feedings (without spitting up too much!) and be able to take it in her bottle. This could be set back a little with her facing surgery again next week so please pray for that.

Love, Rick, Amy, Eva and Ella

I love my passy and swing!

Quality time with Mimi, Dee and CC


Ann Reese said...

Somebody looks like her CC! :) Those are great pictures. I love her big beautiful eyes! Yall hang in there, so many are continuing to pray for little Ella and her sweet family. Love yall!

Brooks Inc. said...

She is beautiful! (As are all the grandparents!) We continue to pray for Ella's feedings and her quick and complete healing!

We love you all!

T,B, p,b and e

Summer and Jason said...

sweet baby...she is so cute! we still think of you all the time and are so glad that she's doing so well. we'll pray that she becomes a little piggy overnight and eats every bit of her food! :-)

Anonymous said...

Baby Ella already looks a little wary of Cecil! Beautiful and smart ;) We're praying that she keeps her food down and keeps healing! Love you guys!
Ginny and Rory

daughteroftheking said...

We will keep praying for little Ella! She is so beautiful!! I love to see all the pictures.
Love you guys

The Millers said...

I was a little jealous Kevin got to see you guys this weekend. Know that we are praying across the miles and our friends and fam are too here! LOVE YOU!!!

LYN said...

Our God is working...we await his perfect timing. I pray strength for Ella and her parents...and entire family. Such a tribute to your faith. LYN

Jodi said...

She is cute as can be! We'll keep praying for you guys of course... gotta be hard to have to face more surgery, but she is such a trooper! LOVE her! (also love that she has a swing up there!)

belita said...

What great pics!! Continually praying for all of you. Ella has got to get the hang of this eating thing if she is going to be in this family!! We love you, Belita and Albo