Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Morning

Just a quick update for now. Rick said Amy's blood pressure stayed up last night and so they are starting her stronger medicine this morning. He said she really has to rest today and is hoping she will take lots of naps.

Ella had another good night. Rick got to change her little diaper last night and take her temperature. I also stand corrected....I said she weighed 5 lbs 8 oz which is just a little (or a lot) off...she weighs 5 lbs .8 oz. Forgot the point! Sorry. She is almost 5 pounds 1 oz. These old ears!

I'll keep you posted when I hear more. Pray for rest and that this medicine will do the job today for Amy. And that little Ella will keep up the good work.


Jodi said...

Yes, keep up the great work little Ella! Whatever your weight is! :)

Hang in there Amy... I know this has GOT to be so frustrating... you've been through a lot! Know that we are continually praying for great news for both of you from your doctors.

LOVE the pics... your girls are both so incredibly gorgeous. Lots of love from Houston!

Calista said...

Amy, I hope you have a good day today. I pray that God will heal you and baby Ella soon. I know that He is in control and there's a reason you are still in the hospital and maybe it's to be close to Ella. She needs her mamma close. I know this must be hard to be gone from Eva but I'm sure she's having fun getting spoiled by family and friends. Please let us know if there's anything we can do. I would love to keep Eva. I'm home most of next week. Take care and know that I love you.

jb said...

Congratulations Amy! Ella is just beautiful! Praying that you will get rest today!

Julie Beth (Wray) Fox

mindy said...

Just praising God for Ella's little life - and asking special prayers over my sweet Amy that God will heal your body. Eva looks quite cute in the previous blog! Can't wait to have my special day with her!

Kylie said...

I'm so glad to be getting positive reports. Ella is just beautiful, Amy, you rest as much as you can and get well very soon. We love you and are praying for your sweet family of four!

Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

praying that your blood pressure goes down Amy. Rest as much as you can, is it really possible to rest in a hospital with nurses and doctors in and out?!? Rick you are doing a great job of taking care of your girls and Ann thank you for keeping us all posted

love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Amy, I'm so sorry I didn't bring you my Elmo robe on Wednesday! I think it would really have made everything better! We love you guys!


Alyssa said...

What beautiful little girls! Your sweet family continues in our thoughts and in our prayers.

Steve said...

Ella is beautiful. Mimi and Pops are praying for all of you. Can't wait to see her in person.

Steve and Marsha Ridgell

Jen said...

Hang in there Amy! The bright side of having to stay there is you get to stay with Ella! I remember leaving Gracie when I was released. It truly breaks your heart, but you make it through.

Your girls are so precious! Eva looks so mature since the last time I saw her, and so much like you!

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rick,Amy,Eva, and little Ella,
This is your cousins from Houston, Tx. We just wanted you to know we put you on our Class prayer list at church. Like everyone has said God is good is continuing to show his goodness. Keep your head up and let him do the rest. We love you and are certainly thinking of and praing for you all. She is precious like her family.
Take care.
In Him,

Wes, Kendra, Emily, and Thomas