Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Update on Ella

We are on the countdown to Ella's arrival! The c-section is officially set for Monday, Sept. 8th at noon. We had our weekly appt. with Dr. Tabor this past friday and it went very well. Ella's heart continues to look and sound strong and there is no sign of stress. Every week we go he listens to her heart, watches for movement and checks my fluid levels so it is always an answer to prayer each week when he says we are good for another week. We go back this Friday so we'll see how Miss Ella is doing this week.

So far there have not been any major changes with Ella's health or details regarding her surgery. We do not know when her surgery will take place until she is here and Dr. Black, her surgeon, can look at the omphalocele and determine what the course of action will be. We have been told to be prepared for surgery to take place within the first two days after delivery. However, this is not really new news but last week Dr. Tabor told us that we need to also be prepared that they may not be able to do surgery right away. The omphalocele(sack holding her liver, small intestines and part of her stomach) is measuring larger than average and because of this it might be too large to attempt surgery within those first days. If this is the case surgery would be postponed until Ella's abdomen grows more. How long that wait would be, I have no idea. I don't know much about all of what is involved but other procedures would take place until they feel she is ready for surgery to close everything up. They have given us a lot of hope but have also said that this is going to be a complicated process because of the size of the omphalocele and because her liver is out. This is scary to hear but we are focusing on the positives and we are so thankful that her heart is strong and that the omphalocele is the only complication.

We are excited to meet little Ella and can't wait to see her sweet face and get to know her but we also have a lot of mixed emotions about the road ahead. As the time for her to arrive gets closer it is getting harder emotionally. I am feeling very fragile and at times I'm not sure if I can handle this. Every day is different and has it's ups and downs and I know that is okay, but it hurts to know that something is wrong with Ella. I have to surrender it many times a day to the Lord and every day He continues to give me strength and joy. He is so faithful and it amazes me that the God who created the universe also cares about me and what I am going through and continues to show himself in little and big ways to me everyday. He is so good.

We feel so overwhelmed by all the love, support and prayers that everyone continues to give us daily. We are so blessed by all of you. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers as we anticipate Ella's arrival and all that is to come.