Friday, September 12, 2008

Go Ella Go!

Ann writing again. I've just returned from seeing my little niece Ella and I just don't have the words to tell you how great she is!! She is absolutely the most precious little girl. She has these beautiful eyes that seem to spot you a mile away and draw you in. She was very alert today when we got there and busy staring at her little aquarium that the nurses gave her the other day (they said she looked bored :) Her wonderful nurses change her into a new outfit everyday and many days she has a little bow in her hair. So she is definitely lookin' good in the NICU. I got to hold her for the first time and she snuggled up next to me and sucked on her giant pacifier and went to sleep. It was such a blessing to finally hold that little girl that has been prayed for so much by so many. God continues to answer our prayers for her healing every single day and night. She is so little, but full of such strength. You can just see it when you look at her! We are all so proud of her and so thankful for how well she is doing. Her bed is covered in pink these days and she looks content in her little area of the room.

Okay, now for the medical details. She is continuing to progress well with her feedings. She is up to 6 cc. of milk right now and as of last night she is starting to digest it all. They will probably keep her at 6 cc for the weekend and then move it up. The doctor seems pleased with how the feeding is going (Ella is on a feeding tube through her nose now). Please keep praying for her feeding and digestion to increase and get better and better. So far so good though. On another good note, her wound vac seems to be working well. She looks very comfortable and content every time they see her. So hopefully it is speeding up the healing.

Amy is healing well too. She is very tired but her blood pressure is much better. It looks like she will be on the strong medication for another few weeks. She looks great though. And she won't tell you this but I will....a man at the hospital told her that she looked like an actress on "All My Children"! Pretty high compliment don't you think? I mean, not many people are told that a week after having a baby! :) Sorry Amy, couldn't resist.

Eva is doing great. Today I watched as she wrapped the blood pressure thing around her arm and pushed the right button to check her own blood pressure. Amazing. She is hilarious as usual and ready to meet her little sis.

And ol' Rick is taking great care of all of the Carder women. He is a wonderful and attentive husband and father. Thank you Rick for taking such good care of my sister. You are doing a great job!

Prayer requests:
Ella's feedings and continued healing for her incision
Amy's blood pressure and healing
Strength and energy for Amy and Rick as they care for their family

Just had to post a picture of me holding Ella, forgive me!


Jodi said...

Great post from quite the proud Aunt! And rightfully so! Again, amazed and thrilled at the progress of sweet little Ella... and praying for it all to continue. For Amy too! We love y'all!!
~the Houston evacuees

Chesley said...

Gimmie an "E"
Gimmie an "L"
Gimmie another "L"
Gimmie an "A"
What's that spell?

I couldn't help it. The title made me do it. :)
Amy, I have my poms out!

Ashley said...

I thought Amy looked familiar. :)

Glad things are going so well. Keep posting. God is working

Nancy Giurlanda said...

Yeah Ella !!!! I am so happy to hear Ella is doing so great and getting stronger by the day, what wonderful news she is soooo precious. I am glad to hear Amy's blood pressure is good and she does look like a movie star !! of course I am just a tad biased but I think you both do !! Thank you Rick for taking care of all the girls you are a blessing. I love you all, keep the good news coming!!

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck in Florida and can't get home but still thinking of you all. I love the pictures; Amy, Ella and Ann all look so beautiful! Love you all!! Vanessa

Procters said...

I got your blog address from Lisa this morning and have loved reading and catching up with your sweet family. We have been praying for you for a while now. We will continue to pray for healing and peace.
Cherise (Money) Procter

Brooks Inc. said...

So thankful to read every word of this! We sure love you all!

Praying all the time!

The Brooks