Monday, March 28, 2011

Update on Ella's Surgery

Ella is home and doing great!! Thank you so much for all of your prayers today for Ella and our family. What a blessing to have friends and family praying, thank you!
Ella did great today! We got to Cook's at 7:30 this morning and were home by 12:30! Can you believe that? I was amazed. The surgery went well, her surgeon said she did great and everything went smoothly. Thank you Lord! She was a little grumpy waking up in recovery and on the ride home but once we got home it didn't take long before she already wanted to get down and play with Eva. Children and their resilience just blows me away!

Honestly, today has been a good day. I'm glad this is behind us but today was good. As much as I dread surgeries and having to let my baby go, the Lord gave me His peace today just as He has always done before with every other procedure and surgery so today was no different. We are so amazed and thankful for the level of care that Ella received. The Lord has put incredible people in our hospitals!

On Friday we had an unplanned, last minute pre-op consult in preparation for today mainly because when you look on paper at Ella's medical history she ummm, well..."looks bad" as they told me. Cook's called to see if we could come in for this reason. Lovely. That sounds mean to say but I agree, she has alot going on and is one complicated little girl when you look at it all written out. I have learned to laugh at moments like this when I have to go down the list and explain the congenital anomalies, the heart defects, the spine defects, the shoulder problems, tummy issues, why we needed a feeding tube, and "No, she doesn't have a syndrome" and please stop listing off ones YOU think she might have and the list goes on. Now, I don't mind having to explain it all like I used to because I see it as one more opportunity to give Ella's testimony about what an incredible God we serve. I love that they needed to see Ella in person because she "looks bad" on paper and were blown away at what they saw because what she looks like on paper is far from who she is or what she looks like in person. The Lord has done mighty things with her despite her differences and she is a living, breathing, walking miracle and there is no denying it. She is, just like the meaning of her name, "a bright light." I could go on and on.

Anyway, so Ella and I took a quick trip up to Cook's on Friday and the nurse that was taking care of us was a nurse we had before for a different procedure which was so reassuring and while we were there another nurse came in just because she heard Ella was there and she remembered her from 2 years ago and just wanted to see her. Crazy you might say, but I just looked at it as little ways God was showing me He was right beside me and is taking care of us. SAME THING happened today. The nurse that took Ella into surgery today was the same sweet nurse that took care of her during her omphalocele repair surgery when she was 2 days old. I want to say unbelievable, but it's not. The Lord is just so sweet that way to give us his peace in supernatural ways as well as in ways we can see with our physical eyes like putting familiar faces in front of you when you're feeling fragile.

So, things are good. We're so thankful that things went well and that this is behind us. We are so proud of both of our girls and how they love each other and support each other even though they are four and 2. Sweet sisters! Again, thank you all once again for your prayers, encouragement, and support. It is such a blessing to our family! Here are some pictures from today!

If this doesn't make you smile I don't know what will. Eva, Eva, and her "loud" clothes. This is what she wanted to wear today and it was good medicine for the soul to just look over at her in her crazy outfit. Makes me laugh!

Starting to feel a little loopy after some pre-medication. Ella was so funny, several minutes after she got some Versed a nurse walked in the room and Ella said, "I'm sleeping" even though she was wide awake. The nurse asked her if she was sleeping with her eyes open and she shook her head yes with a big smile on her face. Hilarious.

Saying good-bye :(

Sweet baby in recovery

Playing "Surgery" once we got home. Now instead of always playing "going to church or to the doctor" like they do I can bet this is going to be our new play I'm not sure where the hot pink feather boa comes in but wouldn't real life surgery be much more pleasant if everyone wore feather boas? I think so. Notice Eva with her heels and clipboard with her "paperwork and stickers" for Ella. Awesome.

Nurse Eva and her patient. I love these two...and didn't I say in my last post that this surgery wasn't going to slow her down much? I'm pretty sure I did. Keep praying for smooth, quick recovery!

Thanks for praying, we are so blessed!


Anonymous said...

Praising God! Oh that Eva! Only one of a kind! Love you all so! Dianne

Nancy Giurlanda said...

Two little baby dolls !!! They are so CUTE !! So glad Ella did so well and she is home, what a little trooper she is. Love you all so very much !! xoxo

Art said...

It was wonderful to be with you guys today. My how you challenge my faith with yours. Thank you. May God continue to strengthen you. I am so proud!!

amber dayton said...

So glad to read your update after praying for sweet Ella. What a huge blessing to have that behind you - praising God for all the ways that He walked beside you on that day! Love you guys & how faithful & honest you have been through this whole experience. Your girls are such cuties!

Ashley said...

SO thankful all went well. What a blessing! Praises that that sweet baby girl continues to heal

Kacy said...

Is that her dad holding her in the 3rd picture? Hard to tell...

Seriously, thank you Ames for sharing with us. God has truly done amazing things in your family & He is glorified in your writing. I love you all and love seeing those precious girls smiling & being silly, as they are meant to do :)

I also feel the need to say that you keep getting more and more beautiful - what gives? Love you friend.

Jodi said...

I was going to write pretty much everything Kacy said... great minds and all that. :)

God is GOOD. I mean REALLY.

Seriously, Rick and Ella... amazing look-a-likes. I love it. That Eva... goodness gracious girl, keep livin' out loud! The "play surgery" pics are HILARIOUS! Amy, the pic of you and Ella needs to be blown up and framed... in your home and the hospital.... so so pretty. And sweet friend, (to borrow a phrase from precious Natalie Arnold) you are just like a fine wine. :)

Miss you guys. Let's play again soon, ok?!?! :)

Calista said...

So glad to hear that everything went well and as usual your post made me laugh and cry all at the same time. You are amazing and your sweet family is such a blessing. Love you and we would love to get together soon. The kids can all practice surgery on each other. What fun!!

Anonymous said...

Lella's been channeling her inner Eva lately. Don't plastic heels and boas complete any outfit? Love those pictures and love those girls!


Anonymous said...

Lella's been channeling her inner Eva lately. Don't plastic heels and boas complete any outfit? Love those pictures and love those girls!