Friday, March 25, 2011

Surgery on Monday for Ella

Well friends, it is surgery time again for Miss Ella Hope. It's been a little over a month since she had her G-button removed and it was our hope and prayer that everything would close up on it's own but that is unfortunately not the case. Her G-button site has continued to leak and after talking with her surgeon they have said that at this point surgery is required.

So, Ella will have surgery this coming Monday morning, March 28 at 9:15. We would covet your prayers once again for her for a smooth surgery, quick recovery and for no infection. They will do what's called a gastrocutaneous fistula closure which in "Amy's Terms" means they will go layer by layer and close off the stomach first and work back up to the skin closing everything off. As much as I had hoped that things would just naturally heal up there was a large part of me prepared for this outcome so we are at peace about it and feel confident in this decision. Ella is a trooper so I have no worries that this is just a minor hiccup and isn't going to slow her down much at all.

Thanks for loving and praying for our sweet Ella, keep those prayers coming!!


Ashley said...

I just tried to email you yesterday because I was thinking about Ella and I don't have your email any more. Can you send it to me?

codyandash at gmail dot com

Love you, friend and we will be praying for Monday!

Nancy Giurlanda said...

You are all in my thoughts and prayers this morning especially sweet, sweet Ella. Love you honey.

Jodi said...

Just read this.... and she is probably in surgery RIGHT NOW! I am praying praying praying. And looking forward to a great update! LOVE Y'ALL!!!

Life in the Herman House said...

We love you sweet Ella!!

Tussany said...

Praying for sweet Ella and your family right now. Love you guys!

Salem's_mommy said...

Hi Carder family I was looking up some information about my son and I came across your page. I see your daughter used to have a g-button as well and she had it removed. Well thats the information I was looking for. My son also has a button and he is slowly starting to eat some baby food. I wanted to know how much he has to be eating before they will remove it completely. I see you live in FW as well I livein Waco but we travel to Cooks several times a month. Thats pretty much my sons home. Any information you could give me would help. Im working on getting him to drink now. What kind of feeding therapy did you take him to? Thanks and nice to meet you.