Thursday, June 25, 2009

Preliminary MRI results

Just a brief update here about Ella's MRI results. I don't have much but we did hear from the surgeon a couple of days ago with some preliminary information. She said that they got really great pictures from the MRI and CT Scan which was good to hear and an answer to our prayers so that is a praise. On the other hand the hard news to hear was that she said things are much more complicated than she originally thought. We've always known things would be complicated but actually hearing it said from the surgeon was hard to take. She didn't give alot of details yet because she wants to consult with other surgeons before she meets with us so I don't have answers yet to a lot of questions.

So right now the plan is this coming Monday, June 29, Dr. Ezaki who is Ella's primary surgeon at Scottish Rite is having a big meeting with a handful of other surgeons, radiologists, etc. to go over the results and hopefully come up with a plan for surgery. After this meeting she said they would call us sometime next week and come up with a time for us to meet with them to go over the results and what their plan will be for Ella's shoulder. So for now there is more waiting until they have a developed plan and can meet with us to explain it all. We are hoping we will know more next week.

That's about all I have but I would ask that you all be praying for their meeting on Monday and that everything will be very clear and that they will have wisdom and understanding in how best to help Ella. Thank you for your continued support, encouragement and prayers. We feel so blessed by all of you. Hopefully next week we will have a lot of answers and a more definite plan for what is to come. Stay tuned!