Friday, June 26, 2009

Is there a Cranial Band Grad in the Hiz-ouse?

Ella with her diploma. She looks so proud of herself doesn't she?

Today was a big day around here. It was Ella's last appointment for her Cranial Band and after 17 1/2 weeks of wearing it, she finally got it off and is now an official graduate. WOO-HOO!! Proud moment here, proud moment. Cranial Band...check. That's one thing we can check off the list of many things Ella has to overcome and though there is still much more ahead of her, today was a fun day for all of us to celebrate a huge success for her. And don't think I didn't pack a collection of bows in her diaper bag for her to wear on the big day because she definitely had a bow on asap that's fo sho.

We've come a long way and her head looks amazing compared to when we first got the band. Obviously, it's not perfect but it looks SO much better than it did and we all feel that all of this was worth it and something that needed to happen. I wish you could all see the before/after pictures to see what I'm talking about. Huge difference! Not that these pictures show the difference in her head shape but I just thought I would post some "first and last day of school" type pictures. :)

4 1/2 months ago on the first day she got the band.

Today, the last day to wear her band.

No more band, just a beautiful little head!

And what's even more fun, Ella's party favor from this whole shin-dig? That's right, her head on a stick! I'm not even kidding folks, this thing has brought me many a laugh throughout this process. This is a mold of her head that they did at the beginning so they could make her Cranial Band and they use it to measure and compare growth/change at each appointment. You remember Ella the mummy? Yes, it's a mold from that. This might not be funny to anyone else but I always found it quite humorous that at every appointment we had the technician would walk out into the waiting room to meet us with Ella's head on a stick in tow. Seriously, it cracks me up that this is the norm and we go to an appointment where no one thinks it's weird that there are life size molds of children's heads stuck on a big stick and they just carry them from place to place as if it's completely normal and not weird at all. Hilarious.

So, it's been a good day and we are so excited that Ella is done with all of this. She has been amazing through it all and is such a little trooper. We love her so much and are so proud of her. I'm constantly amazed that the Lord chose us to be Ella's family and though things are hard and not at all how we dreamed they would be, we are greatly blessed each and every day.

On a completely different note, thanks to all of you who called and texted me to offer your condolences on the death of Michael Jackson. Much appreciated my friends, much appreciated, even though I could sense a tad bit of sarcasm from all of you. True fans and friends you all are. :) You better believe we'll keep the legend of MJ alive in the Carder house with frequent MJ music education opportunities. I'm not ashamed that Eva and Ella will grow up possibly knowing every word to songs like "P.Y.T." and "Beat It", I mean why should I be? I think I still have some of my Michael Jackson posters from back in the day stashed away somewhere, I better find those bad boys and get the Remembering MJ party started. Peace.


DCVol said...

Congrats, Ella!!! You are such a beautiful baby girl and you should be so proud of that hard-earned diploma. The head on a stick is just too funny for words.....and big sister Eva is such a cutie pants. Hugs and love to you all!

Kacy said...

Way to go, Ella Bella!!!! What a BEAUTIFUL girl! Love you all so much!

jaymie said...

Congrats grad!! I'm loving the head on a stick. You know how some people have those fancy dress mold things....not Ella...She has a head on a stick!!!! AWESOME!! Also, I caught up about your MRI and CT's isn't it totally great when the NO eating thing comes in handy...the fasting never bothers Kanyon either...there are perks to this, right? We'll keep all of the results in our prayers. Y'all keep on keepin' on...thats what MJ would want! :)

Calista said...

I'm so happy for you guys. I know Ella is especailly happy not to have to wear that thing anymore. I also can't get over how beautiful she is. Serisouly she is one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen. I hope you are doing good and I need to talk to you so I'll call you soon. Love ya!!

Ashley said...


Randi Freeby said...

What a beautiful girl! (with or without a band)

Summer said...

First of all, I thought of you when I heard the MJ announcement. Sorry for your loss, Amy. We'll all miss him. If you need some T.L.C, you P.Y.T, just let me know!

Second, yeah for Ella and no more cranial band. I love that you had a bow ready to go for her picture with the diploma. She is so cute, and looking so much bigger these days.

And third, thank you so much for your prayers, calls, texts, words of wisdom and scripture after Eydie was born. It meant so much to all of us. You have been such a good friend! God is using you and Rick through your trials with Ella's health to minister to others. Sorry I haven't gotten back with you sooner to thank you, but knowing you guys were praying for Eydie meant a lot. She's doing really well now so we are praising God for her health.

Hope to get out to "The Plex" soon to see you guys soon. Wish I could be there tomorrow night to watch the Bachelorette with you! Have you ever read this website for hilarious bachelor recaps? It's as entertaining as watching the episode.

Jodi said...

OH yes, PLEASE tell me you read the Bachelor blog that Summer is talking about. It is pure greatness, even if you do not watch the show!

Secondly, as a fellow King of Pop mourner, I must say it has been a rough week. Memories of sparkly military jackets, socks, gloves, and crotch-grabbing, back-arching, toe-standing greatness. R and I watched videos for about 4 hours straight the other night... check out her tribute on our blog.

Lastly, and CERTAINLY most importantly, YAY ELLA!!! You beautiful baby!!!! So excited that this MAJOR milestone is behind her! And I am thankful that you got the certificate AND the trophy... aka head on a stick. LOVE it. Yippee!!!

LOVE y'all! Heading to DFW in July... gonna be calling you up! :)

Anonymous said...

Love that baby! I did think of you when MJ died. As long as Firehouse is still safe, I think you'll make it. Oh, and Lenny Kravitz.


Sweets said...

YEA! Ella! You and Eva are just completely beautiful! Please help your mommy through her MJ mourning... if she doesn't know the words to "ABC", just "call me and I'll be there." :)

Lauren said...

Amy- Just wanted to say hello! I have been keeping up with your blogs and I LOVE to read them! The pictures of Ella are Beautiful! She is a pretty girl!:) Wanted to say hey! Im glad to hear that Ann is close for awhile! I am hoping that the 3 of us can get together soon! Love you!

Callie Pope said...

Omg! I can't believe Ella is going to be a year old already! She is so beautiful! I can't wait to see her! We will for sure be praying for up coming surgery. Oh and by the I have a MJ barbie doll, next time we're together on a hoilday i'll have to bring him! WE love ya'll!