Monday, September 10, 2012

Recovery from surgery and Ella's 4th Birthday

It's been about 3 weeks since Ella's tummy surgery and I hope you know how thankful we are for all the prayers, encouragement, cards, texts, meals and all the ways our precious friends and family have taken care of us! We have the best family and friends, it is so special and we are very thankful for each of you.

Ella is doing great!! She has just bounced back like you wouldn't believe. We spent 3days in the hospital and then once we came home she was back to her normal self on day 5. Amazing! Children are so resilient. Thank you Lord! As far as surgery details, we are so pleased with the results. Her surgeon was able to do everything he had hoped and it all went so well. They were able to fully close Ella's muscles and make her a little bellybutton! :) Pretty amazing! So now she has a nice flat little tummy and a cute bellybutton. Her incision is pretty large and she is still getting used to the "new look" but every week the incision and her emotions about it all get better and better. I will post before and after pics at some point, just not ready to do that yet. :)
Sweet Eva took very good care of Ella. Love these two!
Gettin' the little patient up and walking!

Ella loved having visitors at the hospital, made her feel so special! She was especially happy when Daddy was close by!
There was never a dull moment with Cc. He kept her laughing!

We are just so thankful that it is behind us and that she is recovering so well. I think what has been harder than anything with this surgery is handling the emotional side of things with Ella. She is old enough to kind of understand what happened and knows that her tummy looks different now. It has been hard trying to explain the whys and hows and what it all means. The first week there were alot of tears from both of us about it all. She was very upset about the huge, scary scar on her tummy and didn't understand why her tummy didn't look like Eva's. :( Oh my! Wasn't prepared for that! Not at the age of 4, maybe later but didn't expect all of this now. It wasn't what she was expecting and I didn't really know how to prepare her for what her new tummy would look like because I didn't know what they would be able to do so it was really hard at first but now things are MUCH better! We prayed ALOT for her and with her and got great advice from friends and family about how to talk to her which was a huge blessing. She feels better about it and since it's been 3 weeks and it has changed so much already I think it's helping her understand that it's just going to keep getting better. Sweet Angel! Anyway, this should be the last surgery for her tummy so we're glad about that. I don't think, however, that this will be her last surgery but God is so faithful and has always walked with us as we handle each struggle with Ella so I choose not to think about possible future surgeries that are occasionally thrown around. We are just enjoying our amazing, healthy, and sweet little girl and my heart is beyond thankful when I look at her everyday at how far the Lord has brought all of us. There are hardly words to describe it.
Ella looooved painting and going on wagon rides to the playroom to play.
All of her masterpieces
So thankful that Cc and Dee were here to be with us!
Picture before loading up to go home. We all look a taaaddd bit crazy do we not? That's what staying in the hospital does to you! Makes you CrAzY!

So, speaking of how far God has brought us, how is this girl FOUR YEARS OLD?!!! My baby is four and she is just precious.

This girl is so happy, confident, sweet, thoughtful, smart, prayerful, giving, and compassionate. She is just so fun! She wanted a Rapunzel birthday party so that's what we did! She just wanted it to be family and her sweet friend Reagan so we had a great, small little 4th birthday for Ella. Precious! We are so proud of Ella and are humbled and excited as we watch the Lord create her into who He purposed her to be.
Ella with Mimi and Pawpaw

The ever popular silly face picture with Reagan

The girls got roller skates from my parents...all I can say is wow. Hysterical I tell you. Don't you love Minnie Mouse aka Ella in her giant skates? Awesome.
Word to the wise, try to take family birthday pictures before you give your kids ring pops. :) Cuts down on the blue and red teeth. I'll remember that next year.

Next post-first day of homeschool for the Carder fam and Ella's first day of pre-school. Good stuff!


Jennifer said...

Bless her sweet little heart! Such beautiful, precious girls! So glad everything went well and that she is healing nicely! Love you, friend!

Ashley said...

Continuing to pray for your sweet family. I am glad she has recovered well. Most of all I am so thankful you are walking in the comfort of His love and peace. Blessings to you!

Nancy Giurlanda said...

Sweet Ella !! I am so glad she is doing so well and healing, what a peanut she is !! I love the pictures, Eva and Ella are beautiful just like their mommy !! Can't wait to hear how the home schooling is going, I am sure you are doing a great job !! Love you all. xoxo

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