Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crazy Clothes, Shower caps and Snow Days

Man, don't you just love these two?? I sure do. These two little girls are so fun and make me laugh constantly. Will you please notice Eva's shoes? Loooove it. Love the socks with sandals look and Ella isn't much better with her shoes on opposite feet and her high-water pants. I am proud to say that this IS typically what they look like on a day to day basis. Eva is really into dressing herself and she likes what my Granny used to call "loud" clothing. "Loud" meaning colorful, bright and patterned. Yep, that's Eva's clothing choice...loud. Precious.

Even in the bathtub she is still the fashionista with her cool shower cap that Aunt Ann sent from Thailand. Ummm, thanks Aunt Ann? Apparently little girls do in fact need shower caps.

Another "loud" least this one matches. :)

I really do love that Eva likes to dress herself and I kind of look forward each day to see what she comes up with to wear. Unlike her mom, this girl is not afraid of color! You look in my closet and everything is gray, black or white. You look in hers and wow! When in public I do like to promote my children and I want them to look cute and not look like we got dressed in the dark but at this point in life I think we're ok wearing socks with sandals, pink pants and a funky leopard and flower jacket don't you? So, if you see us and Eva is wearing one of her "loud" outfits, know that our electricity is not out and that we didn't get dressed in the dark. This is just what she picked and it's fabulous! I just love her, she is so fun!

And sweet Ella, what a trip she is! She is very funny, talks all the time, is eating great, and is just pure joy. I thank God for all he has done with her multiple times a day. She hasn't used her feeding tube in 8 MONTHS!! Isn't that crazy?! We're so proud of her. We go to the GI doctor next week on February 14 for a check up and to discuss removing her G-button. I can't believe we are actually to this point where she might get it removed! This is huge. If GI gives the ok then we'll schedule an appointment with her surgeon to get it taken out. You can be praying about that because the day is drawing near which is exciting! I'll update after our appointment about what the GI says. Other than that, Ella is doing great and we're so thankful!

Just thought I would share some recent pictures since I haven't posted any in awhile. So here are some from our snow days the past week. We had some fun family time being snowed in. We painted nails, had movie night, made cookies several times, and forced myself to finally clean the house and organize my kitchen cabinets. So, fun times and productive too!

Movie Night! Doesn't Eva look like the life of the party? She really was having fun I just made the mistake of taking the picture in the dark and blinding her with my flash. Don't be fooled by the grumpy face.

On our way to Mimi and Pawpaw's house. I just love their little faces peeking out from under their hats!

Family Picture...I will fully explain about my amazing red jacket a little further down. Just wanted to give a sneak peek. :)

Eva throwin' some snow!

Building a snowman with Daddy. Aaaannd this little mound is as far as they got folks. Good effort guys, good effort.

Sweet Ella with Pawpaw

Yes! Is this not great?? We were at my parents house and my mom started pulling out all of their old ski stuff and when I spotted this red beauty with matching ski bib, pants and gloves I knew it was meant to be...this would be my snow day outfit. Jealous?

Fun snow days in Texas!!


Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

oh man the jacket is AWE-SOME!! :)

David said...
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Jodi said...

Girl, you are rockin' that snowsuit. Seriously. I'm in awe.
:) :) :)

Jodi said...

Had to delete my first comment because my computer was signed in as "David"... woops. :)

Monica said...

I just think I might be jealous of that red snow suit. Of course I looked more like a homeless lady in my snow day pictures. One day I will remember to get some snow clothes back from my parents. Not sure I have anything as fabulous as the red outfit that is awesome! I bet Ella was very proud!! I am sure you are her hero!!
I am so glad your life is less hard and a little more normal, what ever normal is. Can't wait to hear what the GI doc says.

Kacy said...

I love everything about this post! Praise God for healthy, active, "loud," silly girls! I love reading about all that He has done in your precious family.

You are definitely rockin' the snow suit. That's a fierce pose. Most of all I love the gigantic smile on your face :) Love you so, so much!

Susan Webb said...

Gee, Amy, your weather looks like ours usually does in Ottawa except this year when we've probably had a rocord low snowfall. Red looks great on you; The girls looks so sweet! The real question is: do you still have all that snow?

JG said...

LOVE the red. And babies in snow hats. Love you!


Julia said... the jacket (and the pose, by the way!). I can't wait to hear how the appointment went yesterday! Love you & miss you!

Nancy Giurlanda said...

Eva and Ella are soooo beautiful and getting so grown up. All that snow in Texas? Looks like Michigan!! You look very cute in your red snowsuit honey :) I wish I would have seen this picture before I bought your birthday present!!haha now I know what you need. Glad you guys are enjoying the snow, we are not as happy about it here!! Praying for good news at Ella's appointment yesterday. Love you all very much! xoxo