Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Things I Never Thought I Would Do, 20 lbs and Fun Pictures

Things I Never Thought I Would Do:

1) Purposefully pour Coke into a sippy cup...and not feel bad about it. I have let Ella drink my Cokes for awhile now but recently I have actually found myself pouring it INTO a sippy cup for her to drink. I don't know it's like Crazy Calorie Counting Mom takes over and I have no control over myself and I can't stop myself from pouring it in. It's so wrong and I feel like coke in a sippy cup just takes things to a whole other level. Does that stop me from doing it? No. Will I continue? Yes. Have I even done it in public? Yes. No one has given me the stink-eye about it yet but I'm sure that day is coming. Bring it.

2) Serve dessert after breakfast. Who said that we can't have dessert after breakfast? Ella routinely gets something sweet in the morning. It doesn't matter if it's 9:00 am, it is never too early for a package of gummies or some cookies in my opinion.

3) Serve lunch/dinner for breakfast. Lately one of Ella's favorite things to eat for breakfast is mac and cheese and chicken nuggets dipped in Ranch. I know, grrroosss. Eva walked out the other day and saw Ella eating mac and cheese and nuggets and kind of got this weird/grossed out look on her face and said, "Why Ella eat that?" She also looooooves Ranch and dips EVERYTHING in it, despite the fact that she has atopic dermatitis and her mouth and face turn red where ever the Ranch has touched. Awesome right? Note to self, remind her on her first date not to dip anything in Ranch...a blotchy, red mouth and face could make things a liiiittle awkward.

4) Spend the majority of my time during my weekly grocery shopping trip in the cookie aisle. Seriously, I don't know how much time I spend in the snack/cookie aisle comparing cookies to see which ones have the most calories. AND, instead of running in the opposite direction from the high calorie snack, I take great pride in my find and excitedly put it in my basket, eager to get home and show Rick what I've found to fatten Ella up.

BUT, had we NOT done these things would we be dropping this number on the scale??

Go on, take a closer look. That's right folks, 20 pounds! Finally!! So go ahead and give me the evil eye for putting Coke in sippy cups and giving my kids dessert after breakfast...all I see here are positives. :)

We are super excited in the Carder household for Miss Ella. We've been stuck at 19 pounds for months now and couldn't seem to break it. Who knows how long we'll stay at 20 but hopefully it will only go up from here. It's cool that this is what most 1 year olds weigh and Ella is just now barely there at the age of 2 but we couldn't be prouder. Thank you for all of your prayers for weight gain, please keep them coming!

Lastly, for the end of my random post here are just a few fun pictures from the Carders, enjoy!

Fun in the water after a rainy day!

One can NEVER have too many pacifiers! Can we say obsessed??

Eva started back to her preschool this past week. She loves her school!

What a sweet little girl! crazy cat. I turn my back for 5 seconds and this is what happens!


Jodi said...

Blue-eyed Carders in that first picture = GORGEOUS FAMILY!! Goodness gracious.

OH MY WORD! Whoppin' fatty-fatty-2-by-4 at 20 lbs!!! :) No seriously, SO happy for cutie Ella!! Someday when she's 33, she's gonna wonder where these good ole days went with high-cal cookies, ice cream, cokes, mac-n-cheese for breakfast, etc! Enjoy, sweet girl!!!!!!!! And way to go, SuperMomma!!!! We celebrate every little milestone right along with you.... we're dancing a freakin JIG with this big news!!! :)

Thank you LORD for this breakthrough. We PRAISE YOU for Ella, her beautiful Big Sister, and her faithful parents. Please Lord, continue to AMAZE them and shower them with AWESOME stuff! We love you, Father!

Jennifer said...

YAAAAY for 20 lbs.!! Bring on the coke-filled sippy cups!

Ashley said...

Ella looks just like Corey in the picture where she is asleep. He has the teddy bear sleep sack too and the same pacis! I knew our kids would be friends.

Your post cracks me up. It makes me smile on the hilariousness of it and the miracle of the news you share!

Love you!

Christiana said...

I love that picture of Ella with the three pacifiers! Praise God for weight gain and sugary snacks! I love you guys and can't wait to see you at'll be there, right?

Anonymous said...

I loved that last picture--I'll make an offer for Ella! I love those babies. And Gabriella spends much of her day with two pacis in her hand, switching between them constantly.

I love that you and Holly spend so much time counting calories, only the opposite of most people. What I also find amazing is how you both stay so skinny while fattening your kids up. I probably would have added 20 lbs myself.

We are so glad for you to be in the stage you're in now. What an immense and amazing blessing to see how far you've come. 20 lbs is really a milestone. Love you!


Kelly said...

We had a period of time with Tate's weight that I was obsessed with finding the highest calorie, fat, and protein food possible. It felt so odd. Congrats on 20 lbs.! I know that takes a lot of work on her part and yours too! :) Both of your girls are adorable!

Ann said...

Yeah Ella! 20 L-Beez! Love it! Cheering from Thailand! Beautiful pictures--makes me miss my girls. Tell them Aunt Ann will be there soon and we're going to have lots of fun together!

Lea Ellen said...

Ella got happy with the garage sale stickers!! That picture is hilarious! It reminds me of you somehow!

20 lbs is AWESOME! What does it say about my 3 year old...he only weighs 6 lbs more!! He's just a wittle guy...barely on the charts. Maybe I should take on some of your feeding techniques!

Can't wait to see you & those precious girls! Only a week & a half!! WHOO HOO!!

~Lea Ellen

Specks said...

Way to go on 20 lbs!!!!! That is absolutely fabulous news. I cannot get enough of your Carder girl pics~ please keep them coming because they are absolutely beautiful and hysterical :). Love you guys so much!!!