Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things I Love

I love spending time with my girls. We are having so much fun together and they make me laugh all the time. Here are a few of my favorite things:

1. Eva's favorite new phrases to incorporate into conversation these days are "It happens" and "Bad news." For example, this is a real conversation I had with her out of the blue the other day.
Eva: Sometimes I get poo-poo on my hands.
Me: Wait...what? You got poo-poo on your hands? When?
Eva: It happens
Me: No response

Wowzers. What in the world?

2. One day last week I was trying to decide what to feed Ella for breakfast and was just kind of talking out loud to myself about what to give her and Eva pipes up, "Ella wants a cupcake." Fantastic I say and without hesitation I joyfully opened up the box of cupcakes and fed one to Ella for breakfast...and I didn't feel bad about it. All I see here are calories people, calories. Don't judge my mothering skills. :)

3. I love that to entice Ella to eat her chicken all I had to do at dinner the other night was squirt some Cheez-Whiz on each piece and we were in business. Everybody wins here...Ella wanted cheese, I wanted her to eat her chicken, the solution? Cheez-Whiz on the chicken. We all win.

4. Who needs hair gel when you can get this beautiful look with a dab of Cortizone cream lovingly applied by your big sister.
A nice greasy, yet firm and flexible look that will surely keep your hair in place throughout the entire day. Lovely. What are little kids thinking sometimes??

5. I love that Ella now loves cheeseburgers and fries from McDonalds. You know how much I love a good McDouble and fries and now it's even better because I don't need an excuse to go to McDonalds. I practically have medical necessity...the necessity being that Ella needs to gain weight and is there really a better place than the golden arches to help you pack on the pounds? I think not. Cheeseburger, small fries and a juice box is like 630 calories. This is what I'm talkin' about. We've been twice already this week. Medical necessity I tell you, keep that in mind. I love you McDonald's!

5. Eva and Ella's favorite new show to watch is my Denise Austin workout DVD. Not kidding. What's funny is they like to watch it as entertainment as if it's Dora or something. Seriously, Eva will sit on the couch and watch it like it's a cartoon. Uh..okay. Other times they watch it to try and copy the moves and it's hilarious watching them bounce around the living room trying to do lunges and jumping jacks. Priceless. Reminds me of when I was little and I would lay out my little beach towel for an exercise mat and do Jane Fonda with my mom. Aaah, blast from the past. Good ol' Jane.

6. Ella has started saying Eva's name and calling her by name. So precious! She pronounces it with a short e sound "Ehva" instead of a long e sound though. It's so cute to listen to her talk to Eva. They love each other so much and it just melts my heart.


Jodi said...

Just absolutely LOOOOOOOOOVE being Mom to girls! So fun! And yours are a HOOT!!!! Love this post. :)
Love y'all!!!

Kendra said...

This was GREATNESS! I'm always looking for posts from the Carder clan - you never fail to entertain - he! Hey - has Ella tried the smoothie and Smoothie King that has like a million calories? I think it's one with chocolate and peanut butter...Sara has recommended it for patients before who need caloric intake boost - she might have already told you. Cute girls...

Ann said...

Love those girls! Miss you all very much.

LYN said...

What lovely memories, joyful, crazy memories. Just the kind of kids you deserve@@!! Praises that our Father knew what was just right.