Monday, May 10, 2010

The Final Countdown

Ahh, I can just hear it now, "The Final Countdown" by Europe blaring from my boombox. Remember that song? Loved it and if we're being honest here who doesn't love all those 90's hair bands.

Isn't this picture fantastic?? I'm pretty sure my sister and I made a music video back in the day with a light show to this song. Back me up on this Ann, you remember this. Don't be fooled though, the light show involved me standing behind a bedroom door and flipping the light switch on and off to the beat of the music while Ann videotaped. Pretty awesome. My favorite music video we made though hands down has to be my solo lip-sync/dance routine to Weird Al's "Fat." Very similar to Michael Jackson's "Bad" video except instead of a cool posse of back-up dancers in a parking garage, it was just me in a homemade fat-suit working my killer dance moves in about 3 feet of floor space in between our twin beds in our tiny bedroom. Other than that, veeerrrryyy similar to Weird Al and MJ's videos. How cool were we you ask? Very, is all I can say. :)

Anyway, where was I going with this? Oh yeah, the final countdown. I just got side-tracked with a little blast from the past there. We are on the final countdown here friends with Ella's feedings. Last week we dropped another feeding so now Ella is down to just ONE feeding with her feeding tube at night! Incredible, I just can't even believe it. Now, this past weekend though Ella has been sick so she hasn't been eating well and we've had to add an extra tube feeding in here and there so I don't feel like we're getting an accurate gauge on what a real week with only one night feeding would look like. But, I say all of that to say that we are getting closer and closer. Time to put your rally caps on! (That's for you Ann, I know how much you looooove your rally cap.) I like using the word rally cap, it's just one of those annoying words like squamous or cheesecloth and I can't help but cringe a little every time I hear it.

Anyway, we are getting closer to not needing Ella's feeding tube so please keep praying for her to keep eating well. Especially with this recent illness we will be set back a little more I'm guessing because she has lost more weight than I would like so be praying for good eating and good weight gain. We are still going to feeding therapy once a week and she is doing well but has not quite met her goals yet. She is close but still needs to bump up the volume a little more in order to reach her goal. So, pray, pray, pray!

Maybe I need to dig out my "Fat" video to really get her to rally with the eating. At this point in my life I am not above humiliating myself if that is what it takes. To prove my point, I give you Exhibit A: Every Monday/Thursday morning Rick takes Eva to school and as they are getting in the car on most days she will request for me to do the Chicken Dance as they drive away. I know, weird, you don't have to tell me. Anyway, so what does any good mother do? Well, I stand in my pajamas in my garage and do the chicken dance while Rick and Eva slowly pull out of the drive-way and drive away. Not kidding. I choose to believe that instead of thinking I am a complete wack-o, I believe Monday and Thursday mornings at 8:30 MUST be the highlight of my neighbors week. I mean, I would looove it if I saw a grown woman in her pajamas dancing in her garage every week wouldn't you? So, trust me when I say I am not above self-humiliation because obviously I'm not.

Keep praying friends!


Brooks Inc. said...

AMY! Right now Payton and Benjamin's favorite song is the final countdown...they hum all the guitar parts everytime one of them steps up to the plate in family kickball...So if you need anyone to hum to Ella as she takes her treatment...we have you covered!

So thrilled with this news...We continue to pray for sweet Ella! Love each of you Carders so much!

Anonymous said...

So excited about Ella's feedings.

Now, was it during those dance videos that Ann hurt her knee? Oh, no, I believe she was dancing solo on that one. Ann, want to share that story on the world wide web?

Love you, love you! Way to go, Ella!


Christiana said...

Yeah Ella for the exciting countdown!
Oh my goodness Amy, how I would love to see that video of you in your fat suit. Please please post it! I remember seeing some videos of you guys in when we were in college. As I recall, there was a lot of neon color involved and maybe some ponytails on top of the head. I miss those videos.
I sure wish I could see you do the chicken dance...though i don't know that it could be much funnier than in my imagination.
Hilarious as always my friend.
Miss you!

Jodi said...

For the sake of us all, PLEASE have Rick take a little video of your garage as he drives away. And PLEASE post it. Your faithful readers and fans thank you. :)

YAY ELLA!! Seriously, God is SO good and SO faithful! I stand amazed at how far she has come. I know it has been (to say the least) a rough road getting her here, but MAN ALIVE she is amazing! So proud. And so happy for you. Hopefully there will be much less plate-throwing and much more chicken-dancing in your household in the coming weeks and months! Yippee!!
Love ya girl. And your sense of humor and love of life blesses me beyond measure. ;)

Ann said...

Oh, where do I even begin? First of all...Europe...the Final Countdown....oh the glory days. And yes I remember the video and the awkward clicking of the light switch throughout the video and that you could see your hand in the background I think. So awesome!

And then, the chicken dance in the garage. Wow. I have to laugh and admit that every morning when Brynn goes to school she requests that I make funny faces as she drives on the other side of the world I too stand in my pajamas and make a fool of myself for my daughter's joy as she drives away. Must be a twin thing! :)

That is so awesome about Ella's feedings. I really can't even believe it. I think back to last summer when you were really leaving the house for the first times since her birth as you came out to Roanoke to see us with all the feeding circus. God is faithful and you two have done an incredible job pushing through the last year. I can't wait for and am praying for the day when she is tube free. It's the final countdown! Rally cap...rally cap...rally cap.....cheesecloth? What? I have to add Sister Schubert to that list...and Dolla Dawgs. Love you!

Jamie Ridgell said...

Yeah for Ella and for you too! How far you all have come! Soooo happy for you and will be praying that Ella is able to get off that last feeding soon. As for the other stories - WOW. I haven't even heard of Europe. How do you feel about that? Jayci and I did have have a pretty awesome dance routine to Mony, Mony though. And I love the chicken dance story - anything to start off our kids' day off happy! Love you!!

Calista said...

I just might show up at your house on a Monday or Thurs. morning just to see you dance. And way to go, Ella!!! I know it's a great feeling knowing your baby girl is on her way to being tube free. We'll be praying for that day to come very soon

Alison said...

I am pretty sure you are the funniest person I know! I laugh out loud every time I check your blog! I am so excited about Ella's feedings! God is awesome!