Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

Aaannnd HAPPY it is! Is this not the picture of fun and happiness? Who is having fun here? Oh man, why do we do this to our poor children...make them take pictures with big, costumed people we don't know. No, no even better, not just take a picture with but force them to hug and sit on someone's lap who is dressed up like a big, furry animal. Why do we do it you ask? Simple, for this picture right here my friends. Hysterical, I just love it.

On a more serious note, I pray that each of you have a blessed Easter weekend celebrating our risen Lord Jesus and the freedom we have in Him. We have much to be thankful for!

Stay tuned because a big Ella update is coming. I realized it's been awhile since I've updated about how things are going with Ella as far as feedings, therapies, etc. so that is coming. There is big news...our girl is 19 months and is finally walking, talking constantly and feedings are SO much better! Can't wait to share with you the good news. I'll leave you with this picture. Ella is one amazing little girl and has come so far, thank you Lord! I've got my hands full with this one and I love it. More to come!

What happened to safety first?? This child is fearless!


Kacy said...

That picture of Ella just makes me smile!!! I love hearing that she is walking/talking/climbing & into everything! Sounds like she's eating more, too. I can't wait to hear your good news!! I love you and praise God for bringing all of you so far!

Mere Ware said...

I love this!! Miss you friend and we need to catch up again. Can't wait to hear the update! TIme for some great news for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

She's a climber like her sister! Maybe they'll be the first sister tea to clilmb Mt. Everest! Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

That would be "team." Sister team.


Jodi said...

Walking, Talking, Feedings much better.... HOLY MOLY!!! I can't WAIT for that post..... just the teaser made me cry! :)

And Happy Easter to the Carders as well! LOVE y'all!!!!!!!! Seriously, one of these days I will tell you that in person! Sheesh. :)

Ann said...

Love the pictures! Oh how I miss those girls! Love you guys.