Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Fun

This past weekend we had a fun time going to a little pumpkin patch by our house and then to a Halloween party. It was so fun because we actually got to do these things as a family. I know that sounds weird but really we rarely go anywhere besides church or maybe to the park as a family. It's just been too difficult with Ella's feeding schedule to be able to do much without sacrificing a feeding or getting off schedule. That sounds a bit rigid and we're not trying to be but when you have several appointments every day and Ella has to be fed so often we have to stay on schedule in order to work in all of her appointments and keep feedings on track. So micro-managed I know, but that's just our life! So anyway, that's why weekends like this past one where we got to do some things outside of our house as a family are so fun and we actually feel semi-normal.

On a side note, this weekend was different because we dropped one of Ella's feedings so she's down to six feedings a day instead of seven. So if you saw us out and about more this past weekend, this is why. It's not that things have miraculously gotten better all of sudden, we just dropped a feeding so we had more time to actually leave the house and not have to rush back to feed Ella. This feeding schedule is huge because it gives us SO much more flexibility with feedings and time during the day to do things such as going to the pumpkin patch. It was so nice to have more time in between feedings and to actually let Ella take a long nap and not wake her up to eat. I think this weekend was the first time in her life she was able to take a long afternoon nap without having to be woken up to be fed. Poor thing. This past weekend was a trial run with the whole six feedings thing and the dietician came today and weighed her and she had lost some weight. :( Boo. But, we decided we're going to give it another week doing six feedings and we're going to bump up the volume a little in each of her feeds in hopes that we can continue with this schedule and she'll still gain weight. We'll see next week when the dietician comes back to weigh her. Seriously, be praying that this will work and that she will gain weight. I'm not kidding, y'all pray!!

Anyway, back to the weekend, we went to a little pumpkin patch to try to get some pictures of the girls which was fun but a little wheels off. It was sooooo muddy and the only place to take pictures you had to stare into the blinding sun so the pictures didn't turn out quite as good as I had hoped. Classic. We all looked like we were in pain because our faces were all scrunched up from trying to do the awkward blinding-sun-smile-but-trying-to-smile-normal thing. You know. I didn't post any of those because they're just rough. Maybe I should though just for kicks. Anyway, needless to say, we didn't stay long and we were just a taaaddd bit muddy. Oh well, a little mud never hurt nobody...shoot. The next day we went to our friend's annual Halloween party and trick or treating. We had a great time and it was Ella's first "official" Halloween since last year at this time she was still in the hospital. We didn't do any partying then either because we were up at the hospital visiting her. Her sweet friends in the NICU made sure she was all festive in her ghost onesie though for us when we came to visit.

Last year at this time, sweet baby girl! Unbelievable how she's changed.
We had great time dressing the girls up this year and visiting with friends. Ella was a nurse and Eva was an M&M. Appropriate don't you think?

Sweet Eva, the girl loves candy so being an M&M is just right up her alley. Don't you love that her hands look a little like Edward Scissorhands? These gloves were the best I could find so we just went with it.

Ella Carder R.N. with her first pair of heels

Aren't these shoes "heelarious?" Seriously, that's what they're called, I'm not that clever people.

The crazy nurse will not sit still for a picture and look at her face...she totally knows she's being difficult and is thoroughly enjoying herself. Wonderful.

Aaannnd this is about the best I could do getting a picture of the two of them together. What is with Ella's crazy legs everywhere? Good night...

Guess what we are? Isn't it obvious? Yes, I am the Octomom and Rick is the paparazzi. Can't you totally tell? :) That's what you were going to guess right?Well, this was a last minute costume (if you can call it that) and bottom line is I am too cheap to pay for a black wig and I lost my sunglasses 30 minutes before the party so the only accessory to my costume was Ella's carseat filled with 8 of Eva's baby dolls. As for Rick, obviously this picture was taken with our camera which was his main costume accessory so this is what you're left with...Rick and Amy dressed as ourselves but really supposed to be the Octomom and the paparazzi. Hey, at least we tried right?

Sweet Nurse Ella taking care of all the babies

All in all we had a fun weekend being a family and getting to spend some time with friends.

Eva trick or treating with her friends Emma and Addie

Eva trying to figure out the pinata

It's okay Eva, yo Mama ain't skeered of a little pinata. Dude, I should've had a permanent pinata up in my backyard this past year. I could've switched back and forth between hitting that thing around and throwing my plates. It's not too late, maybe I'll look into that. Aaahhh, very therapeutic. I think I have a new found love for pinatas.

Going after the candy

Eves checkin' out the loot yo

Isn't this so sweet? I just love this picture! Precious.

Pray for good feedings and weight gain this week for little Ella!!


Anonymous said...

Amy, your blogs always crack me up. I want to request any awkward pumpkin patch pictures you have be posted on the world wide web. Also, where did you find those shoes? Ella looks so big in the picture next to Eva. I miss your cute girls! Love you guys!


Summer said...

I will be praying for weight gain and the 6 feedings this week. Cute halloween pictures and the shoes were "heelarious." I'm so glad that ya'll got to go the party, and feel more normal for a night.

Brook Speer said...

Hi Amy! I've been keeping up with your blog since Ella was born. Both Ella and Eva are precious! I had a baby born 3 months early and had to spend a lot of time in the NICU as well. I have a masters in nutrition and completed a dietetic internship. Just a thought on the feeding situation...if Ella doesn't do well with the volume increase, can't they make the formula/food more calorie rich? This way she is getting more calories without having to increase the volume. We used to do this with patients in the hospital all of the time. Again, just an idea (I know that I do not know all of the details). I will be praying that she will gain her weight and will not have to go back to 7 feedings.

Ann Reese said...

Love the pics! Praying for my girl Ells all the time. Give both of them big hugs from Aunt Ann.

Kendra said...

I love reading your blogs. Seriously. And I WILL pray for weight gain for the baby girl. And I LOVE the picture of her and her Daddy! And you SHOULD post the crazy pictures - my kids love looking back at pictures, and they're favorite ones are the ones that document "real life" moments - not the poised and perfect! They are the essence of your "season of life!"

Kate said...

I love the costumes! I'll be praying that Ella R.N. gains weight on 6 feedings and y'all don't have to go back to 7!

Specks said...

The most beautiful M&M and nurse I've ever seen!!! Those heels of Ella's ROCK. I laughed out loud at your pinata comment~ preach it. Love you guys soooo much and the prayers only continue.