Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Update on Ella

First off we want to thank all of you for your prayers for Ella. God has answered every one of them today. Praise God! We are so thankful and we felt at peace today and completely covered in prayer. It was a hard day but was definitely much better than anticipated. Ella's surgery only took about 4 1/2 hours. Amazing! They came and got her around 7 this morning and we went down with her to surgery holding. We sat and talked while the nurses and doctors went over last minute things and then around 8 am it was time to say bye for the morning. I was dreading this moment and definitely had a minor meltdown with lots of tears. :( They started surgery around 8:30 and by 1:30 we were already in recovery. What a shock! We and the doctors were all prepared that this would be a very long surgery but everything went beautifully with no complications. Thank you Lord! The surgery team was so well prepared and a few things that they thought would be major issues turned out not to be. They definitely had an amazing team planning and said that once they got in there there were no surprises and things just progressed smoothly. Again, another answer to prayer.

They said Ella did so well and they are all extremely pleased with the outcome. Her arm is in a soft wrapping and sling which she will wear for another 3-4 weeks. She is on a morphine drip and a small amount of oxygen and more than likely will continue with this through the night. She has woken up several times but is for the most part asleep, a little fussy but seems comfortable. Hopefully tonight will go well. We're just taking one day at a time so we're not sure how long our hospital stay will be yet. Please keep praying for a smooth recovery. We will probably start feedings tomorrow depending on how she's doing so please be in prayer about this as well.

We are praising God for His faithfulness. I think we are still in shock that this day has come and gone now. It has been anticipated since the day Ella was born so it's been a long time coming. We feel so blessed and even though we still have a long road ahead, this is one major hurdle that we have overcome and for that we are so thankful. So overwhelming. Thank you for ALL of your support, phone calls, texts, and comments today. It has been so encouraging to us and has helped hold us up during a difficult time. We love all of you and are overwhelmed by your love. Keep praying for Ella, your prayers are being answered. Sorry this might be a little vague, my head is spinning and I can't think through all the details from today but just wanted to give some sort of update. Love to all!

Sweet Ella right before surgery

Seeing her for the first time in recovery

Ella and Cc (Rick's Dad)

Ann and I

Precious cousin Adie (This was the first time we have gotten to meet our new neice Adie! She and Ella are going to be BFF)

Dee and Aunt Amy (Rick's mom and sister)

Mimi and Pawpaw (my parents)

Aunt Ann and Uncle Derran

Sweet Eva checking on Ella


Nancy Giurlanda said...

I am so HAPPY to hear this good news. Sweet Ella is sooo beautiful, god bless her. I am very happy for you honey, I know this was a very hard day for all of you. Ella is surrounded with love. I hope she has a peaceful night tonight (and you too!) I love the pictures and just wish I could kiss all of you !! I am praying for a speedy recovery for Ella so she can go home soon. I love you all.

Mere Ware said...

So happy to see the update! And happy everything is going well! You guys deserve it! :) I love all of you and miss you and of course I missed the date on sending a card but I will because I need to tell you how amazing I think you are ( Rick, Eva, and Ella too) and how much I value our friendship! Even more now that I can't see you whenever I want :( back to the subject at hand...we will continue praying for Ella and for all of you! We love you guys!!!

LYN said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Father. How holy are you! Your mercies are new every morning. We will never doubt that.
The pictures and report are so so so precious.

Randi Freeby said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to post on this tonight. I know today must have been overwhelming to say the least. The report today brings tears to my eyes. I am so thankful for every blessing God has given. Love to all of you.

Specks said...

What awesome, awesome, amazing news. And how absolutely beautiful is that baby girl? She is like a little sleeping angel. We are thrilled beyond words for you all and will keep praying for Ella's recovery and strength for you all. We love you much.

Chesley said...

Seriously! I don't think two children could get any prettier! They look like angels...just beautiful! Ella doesn't even look like she just had major surgery.

We have thought about you ALL day like so many others and we are thrilled that prayers were answered and Ella has done so well. We will keep praying for her recovery and great sleep for all of you.
I hope you got yourself a really BIG COKE after this morning. :)
We love you!!!

Ann said...

Love you so much Aimes. You and Rick handled a difficult day so well, as did little Eva. It was so evident to me that prayer strengthened everyone present and that prayers were answered in a might way today. You all will be in our prayers as this next phase begins of recovery and physical therapy and what not, but for now we are thanking God that today is over and it is ending on such a sweet note and good reports. I love you so much I don't even have the words. Praying tonight for continued peace and awesome healing for baby Ells!

The Pruetts said...

Praise God that everything went well! I have been praying for your family all day. Ella is so beautiful!
We will continue to pray for you and read up on the updates.I am so happy to see that you are surrounded by a great support of family and friends.
Love, Zack, Tami and Kate

Jennifer said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Still praying!

Summer and Jason said...

I have been thinking about you guys today and am so glad everything went well. What a relief to have that behind you! Ella looks so sweet - we will pray for a quick recovery. Love you guys! Let us know if you need anything - I know you have a huge family support system right now.

Courtney said...

When I first heard your news today all I could think about was that you had FINALLY heard those words that it was a "best case scenario where everything went as smoothly as possible." Hallelujah! If anyone deserved to hear that one time it was the Carders! :) As I told your story to a friend who was with me when I heard, I was overwhelmed again by all God has walked you through this year. You are one of those women of faith and mighty strength! Love you MUCH, my sweet friend! Praying for miraculous, perfect, unexplainable, beautiful recovery!

Kelly said...

What wonderful news! Many prayers for a good recovery and peace of mind for you and your family.

mindy said...

"...He's always been faithful to me..."...some of my favorite words from a favorite song. Today, as I prayed for sweet Ella and for each of you, my phone rang, I got texts, and emails - all from my staff wanting to know how it was going. Ella has been prayed over so faithfully and God has answered this one in a mighty and miraculous way. Even though she has never been to the nursery, each person on our staff has prayed for her and loved her as if she has been right there with us. Your amazing strength and courage, and your willingness to admit to a little plate throwing, have encouraged each of us. Prayers will continue to go up for our sweet little angel...and for the ones who care for her and love her so dearly. Hugs!

Ashley said...

Tears of joy! I am so glad it all went well. Much more love and prayers to you and your sweet little family. Keep us updated

Lana said...

SO glad Ella is doing so well. We will continue to pray for a quick easy recovery. Praying for you all
Lana Moore