Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just us laydeez

Just a few pictures here for ya. Sure love my girls!

Sop it up wit a biscuit y'all! Don't worry, Ella's feeding strike is still in full effect...awesome, so she is still hardly taking anything from the bottle but she is doing fairly well with baby food this week. We just have to take what we can get around here.

In addition to wrist fat this girl is starting to get some cheeks is she not? I'm talking about Ella people, c'mon. :) And no, we're not done with the Cranial Band yet, we probably have a month or so to go still. Good night in the morning this band thing is taking forever!

Little Miss Thang, isn't she sweet? Ella started waving bye-bye this week thanks to Dee (Rick's Mom)for teaching her that. She also had one of her bottom teeth break through so it's been a big week. Teething...ugh. Don't you love that Eva is lurking in the background of this picture about to do a sneak attack? Nice.

Uh, uh, laid my mind on my money, my money on my mind. Anyone else down with a little Snoop Dogg?

High and tight my friends, high and tight is the way we like to wear pants around here. I'm realizing that lately I have posted several pictures of Eva where she is yet to be fully clothed in a full outfit or in something normal. I promise she really does own normal clothes and shoes!

My sweet Eva is growing up so fast. I just love her to bits!

Have a great weekend!!


Ashley said...

cute, cute, cute. I love those Carder ladies!

Jennifer said...

LOVE me some pinch-able baby cheeks! Precious pictures of your sweet girls!

Calista said...

Oh, my goodness your girls have grown so much. I just want to squeeze those sweet checks. Hope you are doing ok and I really miss you. We need to get together soon.

Bogle said...

SO SO CUTE! Both of these girls are going to be heartbreakers! SO precious. Love the pictures.

Jodi said...

Love me those Carder Laydeez too!!!! Great pics! Seriously, cutie patootie Ella and all her HAIR! She is going to have ponies before you know it! Just in time for no more cranial band! :) And Eva... cracking me up all over the place.

Lovin' you like crazy from Houston... always praying for our sweet Carder friends!!

Chesley said...

Just throwing this out to you but a baby that I used to keep refused to take a bottle. It was BRUTAL!!!! Screaming, making herself sick etc... Anyways, mom let me start feeding her baby food at 4 months and she would eat that just not a bottle.
Cracking up at Eva and Ella is just beautiful as always! Ella doesn't look like she has any issue eating but I know things don't appear as they seem. I love the cheeks!
Two girls that are very much loved is what I see! :)
Hugs my friend!

Nancy Giurlanda said...

How beautiful all three of you are,I love these pictures!! Sweet Ella IS getting some cheeks..haha how sweet she is, she is getting so grown up. Eva !!! hahaha I always love her outfits, she is a character....must take after mom :) I hope you all had a great holiday weekend and I am praying for a good week for you this week. I love you all very much.

Randi Freeby said...

You are hilarious!! I love the comments and the pictures are just priceless. Both of your girls are like candy, you just want to eat them up.

Chelsa said...

love all the pictures of your little cuties :)

and ella's cheeks are too cute!

teething= no fun :(

Sweets said...

Sweeeeet pics! Making me smile!! :)

Chris Ballard said...

Eva's cheeks are just the cutest thing ever..beside Eva herself!! And that Ella is going to be quite the little diva!!! I think of you all often and was soo happy to hear we will be in a wedding together :-)

Summer said...

Love the pictures! Eva is such a crack up! And Ella is getting some cheeks on her! Looking forward to swimming with you and Ann (and all the kids of course) some time this summer. Hopefully sooner than later! Miss you.

Lyn Rose said...

You ladeez are amazingly beautiful!