Sunday, October 19, 2008

7 Weeks Old

I love snuggling with Daddy

Sorry Ella but your hair in the back was CRAZY!

Just talking with Mommy

A visit from Uncle Jake last weekend

Snuggle time with Pawpaw

Breakfast is so much more fun when you dress up!

Ella is 7 weeks old today. It is hard to believe that we are closing in on 2 months! Lately it seems like time is creeping by as we wait for Ella to get better and be able to come home with us. This past week has been a rough one for us with the bottle feedings. Last weekend there were a lot of changes made to Ella's feeding plan and nothing was consistent so it kind of set her back this past week. It has been very frustrating and emotionally draining and needless to say many tears have been shed on my part. She has been spitting up a lot this week and only taking half of what was in her bottle during her bottle feedings. She is still getting 2-3 feedings through her tube. I know they have told us that sometimes it gets worse before it gets better so I guess this is just one of those times.

So far this weekend has been much better so we are hoping it will be a better start for this coming week. Please keep praying for her as we keep working on getting her to eat and to hopefully move to all bottle feedings soon. She has come so far and we are so thankful for the progress she has made but there is still a long way to go. Her tummy is continuing to heal well and looks really good. Her surgeon said it will probably be another month or two before it is completely closed but it is looking good. She can come home with it the way it is so that is not keeping us in the hospital, it is her feedings.

We are trying to be patient but it is hard to leave her every day and night, especially this past week when she was having such a hard time. I've been a little more emotional this week and easily worried about what all Ella has to face. In times like this I think it is funny how God speaks to me and I had one of those moments this week. I was putting Eva down for a nap the other day before I went up to the hospital and she got her little Bible to read a story and turned to the story of Jesus calming the storm from Matthew 8. I have heard this story a million times but I felt like that day it was the Lord speaking to me like he did to the disciples saying, "Amy, where is your faith, why are you so afraid?" It was a great reminder that He is mighty to save and will continue to be faithful during this journey with Ella. He certainly has been faithful to us. There have been a lot of hard and scary moments in the past 9+ months and God has been there and delivered us through all of them and I know He will continue to do so.


Sarah J. said...

Hi, Amy~

I've been following Ella's progress for awhile, but I'm not sure if ever commented or not. Griffin was in the NICU for a week and it was tough, but I can only imagine how hard 7 weeks have been with another little one at home. I'd say you are more than entitled to be a little emotional now and then. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know we are praying for Ella and your family. Both of your girls are beautiful!

Sarah Jones

Summer and Jason said...

That is unbelievable that it's already been 7 weeks...I'm sure to you guys it feels like a lot longer. I know yall are getting tired and worn down emotionally - hang in there! We are thinking of you and praying for you! She'll get the hang of her feedings soon and God is taking care of all of you. She has come so far in these 7 weeks and is just beautiful, by the way! :-)

Ashley said...

Praying for you guys and hurting for you. I am praying for endurance for this journey. Thank you so much for sharing your faith with us. I can't wait to see what God will do through this!

Jodi said...

Of course, thank you for the update and the sweet pictures of that gorgeous girl. But mostly, thank you for the story of the storm! Man, did I ever really need to hear that today! It is inspiring to see how receptive you are to God's hand in all of this... warms my heart. Know that you are all four prayed over in our house!

Kendra said...

Thank you for being honest and vulnerable . . I think of you and your sweet little one often, and this will help me know very specifically how to pray for you guys. Testimonies are so powerful, but living through them to MAKE them a testimony is tough. Your sweet little one WILL get better, and I look forward to meeting her! On another note, I don't think I knew that you were "Uncle Jake"'s sister! We were in the same class at ACU. Do I have that right? He's your brother or am I mixed up and he's Rick's? I'm getting old and can forget who-goes-with-who easily. Oh dear.

Tussany said...

Amy- We continue to pray for your family. I will pray this week especially for peace for you and that Ella gets to come home soon. She's such a gorgeous little girl and I can see already what a fighter she is. Hang in there, Mommy!

Love you!

DCVol said...

Precious, precious pics. Ella is such a doll and we are praying that the light at the end of the tunnel is near....that she can go home SOON. The feeding thing is just so frustrating, and bless her little heart~ I know she is working so hard to the suck that bottle, but it just takes so much energy and effort. We love you guys. Kelly S.

LYN said...

Amen! Our God is able!! LYN

Nancy Giurlanda said...

Sweet Ella is so beautiful, just like her mommy. My heart is hurting for you honey, I know you must be emotionally drained but you all have come so far, I know that sweet little Ella will be home before you know it. God is watching over all of you and he will take very good care of you. I am praying for strength for you and courage in your times of will be only a little while longer honey and you will all be home. Sweet Eva....she is something. I love you all with all of my heart.

Chesley said...

That picture of Eva is greatness! I love it!
Always praying!