Saturday, July 26, 2008

Week 33

We had our weekly appointment with Dr. Tabor yesterday and it went very well. They put a monitor on me for about 20 minutes to listen to Ella's heart and watch for contractions and how active she is. Her heart sounded great and she was VERY active so that was good news. I think she is going to be a handful! :) She has been a very active baby throughout this pregnancy which I love because it just reassures me that she is okay. Dr. Tabor seemed pleased with what he saw so it was another good appointment. We go back this coming Wednesday so please continue praying for Ella and her health. We are so thankful for the continued encouragement and prayers that all of you give us. We are very blessed!


Anonymous said...

Just checking to see if I can pull this off & actually post a comment.Good news regarding your appointment yesterday. We continue to pray & thank God for your hearts. You & Rick are such an encouragement to so many that pray for you daily. Your example through this time honors our Father & brings glory to Him. We praise God for your precious family & look forward to "E" Day when Ella arrives. We love you.

Ashley said...

I am so glad the appointment went well and that Ella was warning you of the joyful business she will bring to your life! I am praying for more and more healing.


Jodi said...

So thrilled for you guys for a good appointment! Keep kicking, little Ella! :)

Amy, I have to say that I feel for you in quite a personal way right now... you can read our current story on our blog. If you need someone to talk to, scream at :) , pray with that maybe has a little bit of a sense of what you are facing, here is my email and I would love to be in touch. :)

Love y'all! We're praying in Houston for sweet Ella!

LYN said...

Good news...praise our God. Lyn

Amanda Pittman said...

Carders -
Thankful to hear/read good reports on baby Ella. We continue to pray for you all! We can't wait to meet sweet Ella! Love from the Pittmans.

Alison said...

Yeah! I am so glad the appointment went so good! Way to go with all the kicking Ella! Chloe was so active when I was pregnant and has not stopped at all! Get rested now!